South Miami is where the city’s elites live. With soaring property prices, only a few can afford the high-end estate that the region has to offer. However, the $700k – $10 million properties that you could buy in this locality are indeed worth every penny.

South Miami offers one of the best living experiences in Florida, making the neighborhood a highly sought-after place in the state. NVP Group is attentive and experienced with dealing with Miami luxury real estate homes. Contact us if you want your next home to be in South Miami or if you’re looking to sell a property in the district. We have properties in the Golden Beach Oceanfront Estate and Miami Beach’s Star Island.

What Makes South Miami The Best

Miami is easily one of the most exciting cities in the whole of Florida. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, we all can agree on the exciting experiences the city has to offer. South Miami is where the urban and the suburban elements meet, making it an excellent place to raise a family in the whole of Miami, if not the whole of Florida.

From good public education to a happening nightlife to offering diversity in all sectors of life, the residential experience of South Miami is like no other. Here is why this place is ideal to buy Miami luxury real estate.

5 Reasons To Buy A House In South Miami

Good Education:

South Miami consists of some of the best public schools in the city. Whether your child is an elementary school student, a middle or a high school student, they’re sure to get premium education in public and private schools of the locality.

Some of the best public schools that your child could enroll in are the School for Advanced Studies and Coral Reef Senior High School. The Mandelstam School is an elite private school where your child could get an excellent education.

Vibrant Atmosphere:

South Miami has both lush greenery and a vibrant downtown scene. As a resident of this neighborhood, you could enjoy the excellent architecture of the historic buildings in the region, as well as the chic restaurant and cafes that the district is jam-packed with. There are several shopping districts within the locality, as well as numerous party and entertainment venues.

People of all ages could have a remarkable living experience in this place. This is one of the reasons why people wait a long time to land a luxury home in South Miami. If you wish to buy an oceanfront estate, contact NVP Group to make an offer.


Another thing that makes South Miami an excellent place to live, and raise a family, is the ethnic and economic diversity it offers. You would be exposed to different people, cultures, and experiences, as it is one of the most diverse suburbs in Florida. It is perfect for young professionals and families. If you want to buy or sell a Miami luxury real estate in South Miami, schedule a consultation with our real estate team to begin the work.

Why You Should Choose Us

NVP Group has been dealing in luxury properties in Miami ever since its inception. Since we have extensive experience operating in South Miami, we are your best bet at ensuring that you stay on top of the fresh listings in the region before they are taken off the market. We use our research-oriented and detailed approach to get our clients the best possible price and in a limited time.

Whether you’re a homeowner, an investor, or someone looking to buy a building in South Miami for commercial reasons, NVP Group can help you choose the right deal for your purposes. You can also count on us to sell Miami luxury real estate quickly. We provide real estate guidance and will refer you to the right to the legal and accounts aspects of the sale and purchase of properties. Schedule a meeting with us immediately if you’re looking to sell or buy real estate in the highly desirable neighborhoods of South Miami. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting a real estate agent to buy or sell a house?

Yes. Buying and selling houses entails a ton of paper and legwork. Not to mention, you’d have to brace yourself for researching numerous localities to choose the neighborhood which suits your requirements the best. If you’re looking to buy or sell luxury real estate in Miami, then it becomes all the more tricky to find the ideal house or the ideal buyer. This is where a realtor can make things easier for you. They use their knowledge and expertise to shortlist homes or buyers that are likely to fit the bill.

Are realtors costly?

Realtors usually charge a portion of the selling or buying price of the property. Generally, this fee could be around 5% to 6%, though this figure will differ from state to state and region to region. Moreover, the percentage could also vary due to other factors such as the firm’s policy or some unique conditions of the realtor.