Miami Beach, FL is now one of the top tourist destinations and a sought-after place to settle and retire in. With a favorable climate, easy commute, unnumbered employment opportunities, and premium education to offer, who wouldn’t want to live in such a majestic place, that is also at the center of all the vibrant activities?

If you’re thinking of buying a house in Miami Beach, FL but are unsure of where to start, contact ​​NVP Group. We provide new property listings in and around Miami Beach, FL, and help both buyers and sellers get the deals they want.

Miami Beach is a great place to call home, and we’re here to help you make it happen. Miami Beach, FL is now one of the top tourist destinations and a sought-after place to settle and retire in. Miami Beach is known for its world-famous beaches, Art Deco architecture, and nightlife. If you’re looking for an energetic and luxurious city to call home, Miami Beach is it.

7 Reasons Why Miami Beach Is The Best Place To Reside In

The glamorous cityscape of Miami Beach, FL attracts countless tourists and prospective residents each year. If you live in Florida, you must have heard an earful about the city’s sandy beaches and enthralling lifestyle. If you’re confused about whether or not you should relocate to this happening place, these seven reasons why Miami Beach, FL is the place to buy luxury homes will help you make a decision.

Diverse neighborhoods

Miami Beach, FL is unparalleled when it comes to ethnic diversity. In this region, you will meet and mingle with people of different cultural backgrounds, especially Latin Americans. It is a popular international travel destination, so prepare to expand your social circle and include exotic people from different cultures. If you ever feel like experiencing Cuban culture, you could drive down to Little Havana and have the time of your life!

Fan-favorite beaches just around the corner

Miami Beach, FL is known for its exotic beaches and sunny summers. Whether you’re in the mood to play some volleyball on the sandy shore or sunbathe on a fine May afternoon, you could do all the typical touristy things on these beaches every other weekend if you live in Miami Beach, FL. Some of the best beaches in the whole of Florida are just a short drive away from the main neighborhoods. Lummus Park Beach around Miami Beach, FL, in particular, is a complete fan favorite. Other beaches that are extremely close to this city are Surfside and Haulover Beach. Haulover Beach is particularly popular among dog owners.

Excellent nightlife

This advantage would specifically pique the interest of young adults who want to start afresh in the happening city of Miami. Miami Beach, FL is famous for its vibrant nightlife and all-night-long parties. Numerous tourists travel to this state to relish the nightlife of the city. Miami Beach, FL undeniably gives an excellent nightlife experience. You could browse through our listings and find a home closest to some of the most popular party venues. Miami Beach also houses many nightclubs that are hard to miss. Had a tough day at work? Blow off some steam at Sugar Rooftop Bar, close to Miami Beach, FL. Bottoms up!

Good food

Miami Beach, FL features some exquisite restaurants in and around the city that cater to the unique needs of the city’s residents and tourists. It is a major hub to try all kinds of cuisines across America and the world. You could also enjoy beautiful views from some of the rooftop bars and restaurants here while digging into your delicious meal. Some of the restaurants you can try are Fiola and Boia De. There are also ample relaxing cafes in the region that can relieve the stress of the day.

Here are some places in and around Miami Beach, FL that you can drive to have a hearty bite –

  • Estiatorio Milos
  • Carbone
  • Juvia
  • Joe’s Stone Crab
  • Prime 112

Good education

Not only does Miami Beach, FL have good food, housing, and work-life to offer, but the schools around the area are also top-rated. You can find public and private schools nearby, providing premium education to elementary, middle, and high schoolers. Commuting within the neighborhood is pretty simple too, and you won’t witness much traffic, except for rush hours, where you might experience some bumps along the way.

Apart from that, Miami Beach, FL allows school children to lead a stress-free life. If you want to own a house close to a prestigious school, contact ​​NVP Group. We update the listings regularly and ensure all the fresh on-sale properties in the high-end regions. We also take unique considerations of our clients into account while recommending Miami Beach homes that would suit their overall requirements the best. If you want to enroll your child in a prestigious public school in Miami Beach, FL, here are some options that you can check out. 

  • Mater Academy At Mount Sinai
  • Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center
  • North Beach Elementary School
  • Mater Academy Miami Beach
  • South Pointe Elementary School
  • Treasure Island Elementary School

Pleasant climate

One of the prime reasons some Americans choose to flock to buy Miami Beach real estate is the favorable climatic conditions of the region. Miami Beach, FL has a tropical monsoon climate.

One of the reasons people choose to invest in Miami Beach luxury homes is that they have pleasant weather all year round. You would particularly enjoy being residents of Miami Beach, FL from March to May.

Best Neighborhoods in Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach, FL has various neighborhoods in its fold that are worth buying luxury homes in. If you want to own Miami luxury real estate, here are some areas that you could check out.

South Beach

South Beach has everything to offer, from luxury estates to trendy boutiques and fine dining spots. You can find all sorts of Miami Beach luxury homes here, both low and high-rise condos. Buy an oceanfront home in the neighborhood and wake up to breathtaking sea views in the morning. On weekends, you could take a trip down to the beach to blow off some steam. The ocean is just minutes away from the residential areas of the locality.

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the whole of Miami. Many tourists huddle up in the place during summers to enjoy the classic Miami Beach, FL here. You could chill in the chic cafes and restaurants on the weekends or shop till you drop in the Bal Harbour Shops complex, which has clothing and accessories of all sorts of brands.

Sunset Islands

Sunset Islands is all about its sheer greenery, towering palm trees, and (as the name suggests) lots of bright sunshine to lighten up your luxurious estate. Being one of the most lavish neighborhoods in and around Miami Beach, the price tag on the luxury homes here is exceptionally hefty. If you’re ready to pay the price, contact ​​NVP Group to look at some options.


Surfside is another neighborhood in Miami Beach, FL that will feel relaxing right off the bat. If you love being around the ocean, this quaint location with a vibrant atmosphere is perfect for you and your family. You can buy or even rent luxury homes here to experience being in the center of all the hustle and bustle of Florida while also maintaining a serene lifestyle.

If you want to buy your next home in any of these elite neighborhoods, connect with ​​NVP Group today to stay on top of all the new listings in and around Miami Beach, FL. We could assist you in negotiation with the other party as well.

Why Choose ​​NVP Group for Miami Luxury Real Estate

​​NVP Group is a real estate team that helps clients buy, sell and rent homes in South Florida and Miami Beach, FL. We have a well-connected network of real estate dealers, which assist us in staying on top of all the listings in the high-end Miami Beach, FL neighborhoods and help our clients buy their next home in one of the best cities in the world.

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In-depth real estate research

​​NVP Group uses the latest tools and technology to conduct real estate market analysis to help our clients navigate the market professionally. We use our data-driven approach to gather facts and figures and assist buyers and sellers in and around Miami Beach to connect for mutual benefit. If you’re an international investor looking for some lucrative commercial prospects in Miami Beach, FL schedule a consultation with us to know all about the new listings in the city. Contact us to find Miami luxury real estate.

One source for all information

​​NVP Group is your one-stop-shop for all real estate-related questions. If you’re a seller unaware of the marketing channels, you have to make your property listing visible to a larger audience; our company will guide you in finding a steady ground and exploring all available channels and options of marketing in Miami Beach and South Florida. Schedule a consultation with us today to begin working on the basics. 

Real estate is a business where you might face some legal hitches, be it as a buyer or a seller. ​​NVP Group educates its clients on what possible legal hiccups they could face or what legal formalities they would have to go through to finalize a deal with the other party. We would also direct you to the accounting professional. Contact our company to know the real estate statutes whether you’re a homebuyer, international investor, or someone thinking of selling luxury homes in South Florida, Miami Beach, FL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Miami better than New York?

New York is one of the top residential destinations, no surprises there. However, if we’re strictly speaking of living standards and housing investments, then we’d say Miami wins the round by a mile. The neighborhoods in Miami indeed make for excellent investment options. So from that point of view, Miami is better than New York.

Moreover, Miami’s weather is also relatively pleasant, with mellow sunshine all year round and the warm winters. If you’re a beach lover, then without a doubt, Miami Beach is the place to own a house in, as this city has the best beaches in the whole of the United States in its fold, something you won’t get to enjoy in New York. 

How expensive is living in Miami?

Miami can prove to be expensive in certain regards. If we speak of Florida specifically, you can expect the grocery, housing, and median home cost to be more than the state’s average. If you’re thinking of buying a house in one of the luxury neighborhoods of Miami Beach, FL, then you’d have to be prepared to spill some cash on daily expenses. All in all, Miami can indeed prove to be an expensive city to reside in, regardless of which locality you choose your next home to be.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Miami?

Miami can be extremely fun at times, but every place also has some disadvantages to offer. It’s better to know the dark side of a city before you decide to relocate there. To help you make a choice, here are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Miami, specifically Miami Beach, FL.


  • The taxes are low.
  • The work environment is pleasant and rated high by many.
  • It also has a lively nightlife and outdoor experience to offer.
  • You get to meet people of varying cultures and from different nationalities.


  • Traffic could be a problem for some people.
  • The job market is highly competitive.
  • The healthcare facilities in the city are expensive compared to some other major cities across the country.
  • Accommodation costs could prove to be costly for some.
  • Miami is prone to tropical storms, which could be an inconvenience to its residents.