If there’s any place in Miami where you can get a taste of luxury, it’s in the Coconut Grove. The residents know all about living in an affluent neighborhood, flush with amenities. From lush greenery to all the prominent facilities such as hospitals and schools, this region has everything for a family who wants to lead a serene life in a secure locality.

However, buying properties in Coconut Grove isn’t as easy as you might think. They are highly sought-after estates. Contact NVP Group, a luxury real estate team specializing exclusively in luxury properties, if you want to purchase a property in this district.

A Little About Coconut Grove

Imagine a town saturated with the scent of saltwater, and earth, with aesthetic cafes and restaurants serving delectable and quality food. You could hear Caribbean music floating out of these food joints while you stroll through the leafy streets of the city with your friends and family. This is what Coconut Grove is all about.

Coconut Grove has both serene luxury homes and an exciting outdoor life to offer. The nightlife of Coconut Grove is especially famous, not to mention the annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, which is when you get to experience the best of the place. Getting a house in such an exhilarating region can be difficult, which is why you should jump at the opportunity of buying a real estate property in Coconut Grove when the opportunity presents itself. This neighborhood has a lot to offer and has something for everyone.

NVP Group is a real estate team that informs its clients when a listing of a Coconut Grove property appears so that an initial offer can be made.

Here is why you should choose Coconut Grove to buy your next home.

6 Reasons To Buy A House In Coconut Grove

Perfect geographic location

Coconut Grove luxury homes are located at a place that is easily accessible to all the important facilities in the town. Not only do you get to enjoy the privileges of living in one of the most elite districts in the city, but establishments such as financial centers and business districts of Coral Gables are also just a stone’s throw away. This makes the location a central hub for all the leisurely and official activities.

Whether you’re in a mood to grab a coffee, strolling across the leafy streets of the locality, or want to shop till you drop in the luxurious CocoWalk mall and the high-end shopping district of the locality, you can do all of these and more in this region. It’s also an ideal place to raise kids, thanks to the several green spaces and parks in Coconut Grove. The Barnacle Historic State Park and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are worth checking out. You could also enjoy the serenity of the following parks –

  • The Kampong
  • The Barnacle Historic State Park
  • David Kennedy Park
  • Peacock Park
  • Blanche Park Grove

These are only a few to name.

Close to excellent public and private schools

One of the reasons why the elite residents of Miami choose to raise their kids in Coconut Grove luxury homes is the availability of much sought-after public and private schools in the region. The education centers are vastly central, so your kids can walk to school without a hitch.

Moreover, the locality is also under 24/7 police surveillance, which guarantees the safety of the children while they commute to the schools. The most desirable schools in Coconut Grove are Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Ransom Everglades, Coconut Grove Montessori School, Ransom Everglades School, and Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Day School providing premium education. Commuting to these schools is feasible, making the entire district one of the most well-connected ones.


Coconut Grove is one of the safest localities in the city, having 24/7 police surveillance, easy accessibility to the authorities, and gated communities. Gated communities are much in demand. Coconut Grove provides a sense of security to its residents. This is one of the reasons why many people wait for the listings of Coconut Grove to appear with bated breath, but only a few get the opportunity to purchase luxury real estate in this neighborhood.

High-end shopping complex

The shopping complex of Coconut Grove is close to the luxury condos of the region and offers a variety of items. While CocoWalk is the most prominent mall in the neighborhood’s shopping district, there are also several other Plazas in the region from where you could do your shopping, including the Mayfair in the Grove.

If you’re in the mood to hunt some rare collections of paintings and art pieces, ​​Midori Gallery is the place to be. If you love to splurge out in high-end shopping stores, we recommend visiting Azul Boutique, Isabel Riera, and more. Music lovers could have fun residing in this exhilarating residential area too. All of these facilities will be extremely close to where you will buy your next home. There’s indeed something for everyone.

Availability of all kinds of properties

Coconut Grove is a versatile, luxurious location. It offers properties of all shapes and sizes and all kinds of amenities. People usually look for plush four-bed and four-bath real estate, which are aplenty in this locality. However, if you want to check out some 1-bedroom homes, Coconut Grove also has those in its inventory. In addition to this, you could choose whether you want more greenery around your house, more of the ocean.

Other facilities

The Coconut Grove also offers various other facilities to satiate the desires of wealthy residents of the area. For one, you could find many sailing and yacht clubs in the area. People who love striding across the blue sea on a fine May afternoon would love to live near establishments like Coral Reef Yacht Club, Coconut Grove Sailing Club, and Biscayne Bay Yacht Club.

Due to the benefits of living in Coconut Grove, many families desire to own a property in the region and raise their families. Still, only a few get the opportunity to do so. The demand for the properties is high, but the supply is relatively low. It’s only when you connect yourself with a good realtor that you can have a chance to bag a luxury real estate property in Coconut Grove. NVP Group is a luxury real estate team in Florida that helps you get the perfect property that fits your requirements.

Why You Should Choose Us

NVP Group is a luxury real estate team within One Sotheby’s International Realty that provides its customers with new listings in the region of their choice. We operate in nearly all the important luxurious residential districts in the city, including Coconut Grove, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for families who wish to move to a great location.

The process of buying a luxury home can prove to be overwhelming, especially with high demand and low supply. It’s imperative to always stay on top of the new listings if you want to have a shot at owning a property in a high-in-demand neighborhood like Coconut Grove. This is why hiring an experienced real estate team is advised.

NVP Group keeps a close eye on the Coconut Grove luxury homes that pop up on the market and immediately informs the clients when a real estate property fits their liking. We then guide you through the entire process of closing a deal with the seller. Here is how we provide comprehensive real estate services.


Buying a house is not as simple as some people make it out to be. You always have to keep an eye on the market if you want to nab a luxurious house. Coconut Grove specifically can be a tricky neighborhood to buy or sell real estate in.

NVP Group stays connected with the region and informs the client if there is any availability. We then guide our clients every step of the way. We help you survey the properties and land you the one that fits your needs the best. If you’re looking to buy a $2 – $10 million property in Coconut Grove, contact our company and get premium real estate services and insight.

All-Inclusive Services

Our company deals with buyers of all kinds. Whether you’re a homebuyer, looking to purchase a luxury home for your family in the neighborhood, or an international investor looking to add another property to your real estate portfolio, or someone who wants a place in Coconut Grove for commercial purposes, we cater to the needs of all these individuals and ensure them top real estate services and guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a real estate agent?

While buying or selling a property, we suggest you hire a real estate agent instead of jumping on the deep side of the pool without any expertise. The reason is, a real estate agent knows the market inside out, while you would only be aware of the tip of the iceberg. They know the prices and everything else that comes with the package.

The prime benefit of having a realtor is that they can give you insight when finalizing a real estate deal. A real estate agreement involves a ton of paperwork and legwork, all of which could be dealt with by a realtor if you have one. Otherwise, you would be burdened with doing everything yourself, which is indeed not worth saving a few bucks for.

In addition to this, real estate agents can gauge what you want in fewer words. Once you convey your requirements, they will do the job of finding the property that fits the bill. They use their knowledge, experience, and expertise above all to zero in on the property that you’re sure to love.

What percentage do most realtors charge?

Before you make an agreement with a realtor, it’s best to know how much they charge. This helps you understand how much of your money would go into paying the real estate agent once the deal between you and the seller finalizes. On average, you can expect a realtor to charge about 6 percent of the commission of the selling price of the house. 

How do I find a real estate agent in Florida?

Florida can be an excellent place to own a house. You can find a real estate agent in Florida on the internet. If you don’t already have a realtor, contact NVP Group to receive the best real estate services in the state. We deal in all the luxurious localities in Miami. Contact us to schedule a meeting.