Aventura is now one of the most desirable suburban regions in Florida, where you can buy exquisite luxury properties within a $500k – $5 million price range. It is ideal for relocating if you have a family and want an ideal living experience in the suburbs. Whether you want Aventura condos or luxury homes, this neighborhood caters to the needs of all kinds of high-end house-seekers.

If you’re someone looking to buy, sell, or rent real estate in Aventura, contact NVP Group, one of the best real estate teams operating in Miami. We have made numerous purchases and sales in Aventura since our inception.

Why Aventura Is a Good Place To Live

One of the reasons why so many Florida residents invest in a place like Aventura is the perfect living conditions this place offers. This neighborhood in Miami-Dade County provides an experience of urban and suburban elements, making it quite a place for high-end buyers to invest in. Here are a few things which make Aventura a popular spot to own a house in.

Excellent Work and School Life

Aventura comes with several work opportunities and room for business growth. The cost of living in the region is also near perfect. If you have school-going children, you’d be happy to know that the district has some of the best schools in Miami.

Many schools in this area were rated 10/10 by GreatSchools Rating. Aventura Charter Elementary and KLA Schools of Aventura provide premium education in the region. Some of these institutes are perfect for people who have children in elementary, middle, or high school and want to provide the best education to their kids. Commuting to and from school and work is also feasible in the region. It is also safe for children to play and reside in compared to some other residential areas in Miami.


Aventura is a locality where you would find properties of all kinds. Whether you want a condo or luxury home of 4 bedrooms and four baths, an oceanfront house, or a park view, Aventura homes offer much versatility. The residential areas are also close to parks, and shopping districts, making it geographically perfect for people looking to have a super luxurious living experience. The closer you are to the town center, the better the overall experience you can have. Some of the exciting places you can check out to gauge the neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere are Bal Harbour, Lauderdale Beach, and the North Bay Village.


Cleanliness is a priority for many families with children, and for the right reasons. Aventura is one of the cleanest neighborhoods in Miami. Be it local parks, Aventura lakes or the community center, or any other public establishment, the cleanliness of the district would leave you amazed. This is also one of the reasons why the greenery of Aventura is so attractive no matter where you travel to. All the prominent local attractions such as shopping districts and restaurants also keep the standard levels of hygiene in mind while operating.

Recreational Activities

There is much to do in and around Aventura. It has some of Miami’s best cultural centers, parks, and monasteries. Not to mention, the beach is not too far away either. There are also countless libraries, cafes, restaurants, and movie theatres, in addition to the Aventura Mall, to blow off some steam in.

In tandem with the splendid weather of Miami, these recreational spots make Aventura an excellent place to reside in. These are just a few reasons why some families anxiously wait for the properties in the neighborhood to appear on the market, so they can make an offer before anyone else does. If you’re one such individual, contact NVP Group to get insights on living in Aventura and the real estate listings in the district.

Why Choose NVP Group

NVP Group is a real estate team within One Sotheby’s International Realty that operates in Miami and deals with luxury homes in high-end districts like Aventura. Our approach to helping our clients sell and buy properties in Aventura is highly research-driven, as we keep a close eye on both the real estate market trends and seller and buyer behavior.

Whether you want to buy a house or make a sale in Aventura for residential or commercial purposes, our research-driven team will help you shortlist the properties that suit your needs the best. We then survey the market to create our offer. One of the prime privileges you would enjoy after hiring us is that not only do we provide counsel on matters related to real estate, but we also guide legal aspects of the sale and purchase of properties.

Once we begin working together, you can count on NVP Group to guide you through the entire process. Right from making the initial offer to the last step of receiving or handing off the keys, we would take care of all the paperwork and legwork involved and can be relied upon for all sorts of communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aventura a nice place to live?

Aventura has everything that you might need to live a serene life. It gives off a sense of tranquility, which is why once you move into the neighborhood, you will never feel like moving out. The luxury properties in the region especially can be an eye-catching factor, thanks to all the amenities that it provides to the residents. Beach lovers could land an oceanfront house, while garden lovers could find a perfect park view of Aventura home. Moreover, it also caters to the needs of fans of a happening nightlife.

Is Aventura safe?

Aventura is one of the safest regions in the whole of Miami. This is the reason why many parents relocate to Aventure solely to raise a family. You would find many children making the most of the recreational amenities of the region, including relaxed cafes and parks. Although the traffic could be a bit of a problem during the rush hours, Apart from that, Aventura is undoubtedly an excellent place to own a house. If you’re looking to buy a home, or make a sale in Aventura, schedule a meeting with NVP Group to get the best real estate guidance in Miami.